AXILO™ wins Construction Health and Safety Award

The Häfele AXILO™ Plinth Adjustment System has been awarded the Safety Innovation Award in the Site Safe Health and Safety in Construction Awards 2017 in New Zealand.
The safety benefits of AXILO™ include-

  • Improved visibility of the installer to other site users;
  • Improved awareness of and responsiveness to, surrounding dangers while undertaking the levelling task
  • The levelling task is much more comfortable;
  • Fatigue is reduced as the levelling task is up to 50% faster;
  • The risk of inhaling debris off the floor is removed as the installer’s face is no longer close to the floor;
  • The risk of musclo-skeletal injuries associated with constantly climbing up and down to check the level and from overstretching under the cabinet to reach rear cabinet legs is substantially reduced by removing the need for these activities when performing the levelling task.

Traditional Levelling Method

Levelling with Häfele AXILO™ System